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Cedrick Lunven

Cedrick leads the Developer Advocate Team at Datastax. Speaker, and trainer he is firstly a passionate java developer and implements products CLI and SDKs. In 2013 he created the open-source feature toggle library called FF4J which he has been actively maintaining. With 15 years in the industry as a tech leach, solution architect, or presales he can discuss a wide range of technologies and architectures. 

A Java developer Journey into Apache Cassandra™
Deep Dive (INTERMEDIATE level)
Room 4

Apache Cassandra™ is a distributed NoSQL distributed database deployed extensively at web giants like Apple, Netflix or Uber.

During this deep-dive session, we will give you everything you need to master this technology: from architecture to data modeling, from drivers to best practices. Through practical labs requiring no installation, we will browse and run applications implemented with Spring Boot, Quarkus, and Micronaut in order to see how Apache Cassandra™ can be used in modern java applications. Take home 3 working projects at home.