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1st-time speakers advice in pictures

I've spoken at a lot of tech confs over the years, and there are things that are normal now that really threw me off as a 1st-time speaker. — Saron (@saronyitbarek) August 27, 2017 If you’re a 1st-time speaker, here are a few tips to help you out: 1) The lights will be bright. Like,…

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Places to visit in Antwerp

Before heading towards Beer central, keep in mind that we also have some other Devoxx events planned for you during the evening in the Kinepolis venue: Drone Racing Monday from 18h30 until 20h30 in cinema hallway Meet & Greet Wednesday from 18h30 til 20h30 in exhibition floor, courtesy by Sytac & Couchbase Electric Mobiles Wednesday…

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New Devoxx Event: Drone Racing

On Monday evening right after the last Tools in Action presentation we’ll organise the very first Drone Race demonstration at Devoxx. Afterwards we’ll move to the parking (next door) and have some more fun but now with more speed and extra room to play. We’ll even have a Drone shop where you can purchase some new “flying toys”…

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Devoxx, infinite possibilities

We’re excited to announce our new website where you can find practical info about Devoxx (see also our FAQ page) including links to our Call For Papers and Registration page, and eventually our schedule. [su_quote]It’s obvious that 8 is THE number for 2014[/su_quote] With the release of Java 8, which is a major new version,…

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