Year: 2017

The Top-100 rated Devoxx Belgium 2017 talks

“CERN, from an IT Perspective” by Derek Mathieson Keynote 4.74 with 282 votes “(Deep) Learning to Fly” by Krzysztof Kudrynski, Blazej Kubiak Conference 4.74 with 114 votes “Parallel and Asynchronous Programming with Streams and CompletableFuture” by Venkat Subramaniam Deep Dive 4.73 with 215 votes “Blue Team Security. Actual Security work for Actual Developers” by Siren…

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1st-time speakers advice in pictures

I've spoken at a lot of tech confs over the years, and there are things that are normal now that really threw me off as a 1st-time speaker. — Saron (@saronyitbarek) August 27, 2017 If you’re a 1st-time speaker, here are a few tips to help you out: 1) The lights will be bright. Like,…

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