Month: September 2015

Combi tickets also Sold Out

The Devoxx Belgium 5-days-Combi-tickets are now also completely Sold Out !! You can still enjoy the Devoxx experience by purchasing the-two-days-University-tickets which take place on Monday and Tuesday.  The university ticket gives you access to hands-on labs, in-depth technical presentations, Tools in Actions, BOF sessions and our brand new event  Drone racing on Monday evening. Devoxxians who have a discount code…

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New Devoxx Event: Drone Racing

On Monday evening right after the last Tools in Action presentation we’ll organise the very first Drone Race demonstration at Devoxx. Afterwards we’ll move to the parking (next door) and have some more fun but now with more speed and extra room to play. We’ll even have a Drone shop where you can purchase some new “flying toys”…

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Conference tickets sold out!

As of last weekend the Devoxx Belgium Conference tickets are Sold Out!  However… no worries… we still have some University and Combi tickets available, register today if you want to experience the Devoxx extravaganza! IMPORTANT NOTES: People with a conference discount code can still get their related ticket online. We’ll probably run out of tickets all together by the…

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