Month: June 2015

DEVOXX on Security

  TL;DR; We, the DEVOXX 2015 Security track team, want to increase security awareness among software and hardware developers. We want to make this year’s track about understanding how to break things, and knowing that this understanding allows developers to design and build more secure systems. Security has to be by design, not by feature,…

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Devoxx Ignite Sessions 2015 – Submit Your Talk

After joyful Ignite sessions at Devoxx 2014, they are back again this year as well! Ignite presentations are short 5 min presentations on a topic that you are passionate about. The presentations are meant to “ignite” the audience on a subject, whereby awareness, thought, and action are generated on the subjects presented. Each selected talk will follow…

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Registration is now Open

You can now register for the biggest Java Community Conference in the world : Devoxx Belgium! Thanks to Alex van Boxel for the registration web app migration to Google Cloud using Docker  🙂 You can get your Devoxx Belgium ticket(s) @ Prices Devoxx University is 350 Euro (2 days) Devoxx Conference is 475 Euro (3…

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Evolution and Innovation in server-side Java

For a long time now, Java is the most popular language for developing backend applications. While stability and maturity are often very much appreciated in enterprise environments, evolution and innovation are very important as well to stay ahead of competitors. And this is what we are looking for at Devoxx 2015. We want to know…

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