Month: November 2014

2800+ Pictures on Flickr

Our favourite conference photographer Ann has again run kilometers to capture the best angles from our Devoxxians. While speakers are giving the best of themselves, Ann makes sure every pixel is captured. Can you find yourself?  If you do, don’t hesitate to freely use the pictures, they’re all Copy Left! Did you know that we…

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Curtains up on

Share the Knowledge: Introducing The opening Keynote at Devoxx Belgium a few weeks back gave us a chance to finally pull back the curtains on a secret project we’ve been building on the quiet over the past few months: Rooted in the same foundations as the Devoxx conferences, Voxxed offers news, tutorials, analysis,…

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Devoxx Hunt Addendum

Concept, installation and gameplay Early during the preparation of Devoxx 2014, we decided we wanted to give our attendees a game to play. Since we like exploring new technologies, we thought iBeacons would be an excellent case study.  The concept of DevoxxHunt was born. Our goal was to bring people together, to make them discover…

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Devoxx Hunt

Gamifying your Devoxx experience! A dedicated Devoxx task force developed a complete end-to-end beacon game for all the Devoxxians to enjoy. Unlock achievements and score points by hunting down the many beacons we have installed in the venue as well as all around Antwerp. Can you catch them all? How do I start? Before arriving to Antwerp…

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