Month: June 2014

A big and cloudy winter

Winter is coming and it looks like it will be BIG and very cloudy. But you can prepare by submitting your “Cloud and Big Data” talk to the CFP. Due to the competition between the major players the prices for cloud computing are now getting affordable for everyone. This in combination with cheap cloud storage make…

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Devoxx, the JVM and its languages

It’s this time of the year again, the Devoxx 2014 call for paper is open. Once again, we have a track dedicated to alternate languages on the Java Virtual Machine. When I say or hear “Java” these days, it often refers to the amazing piece of technology that the JVM is or even the ecosystem around…

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It’s time to make a decision

For the Java Enterprise world, 2014 is the year in-between. The Java EE 7 spec has been launched last year, and the Java EE 8 spec won’t be released this year. At Devoxx, we’ll be looking back and forward. For some companies, it is time to decide when and how to migrate to Java EE…

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Entrepreneurship at Devoxx

We’ve a total of 10 tracks at Devoxx Belgium and this year a brand new one has been introduced: The “Startup” track! Both JavaPolis and Devoxx have already welcomed many very successful entrepreneurs, I thought I would include a few pictures in this blog post… do you (still) recognise them? I strongly believe that a community event like…

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Devoxx CFP now open, share your passion!

Share your passion, demonstrate your knowledge and tools and reach out to the Devoxx community @ The new Call For Papers application does require a new login but you can use your GitHub or Google accounts to login within 5 seconds. Thanks to Nicolas from the Devoxx France team for the effort. We have…

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Devoxx, infinite possibilities

We’re excited to announce our new website where you can find practical info about Devoxx (see also our FAQ page) including links to our Call For Papers and Registration page, and eventually our schedule. [su_quote]It’s obvious that 8 is THE number for 2014[/su_quote] With the release of Java 8, which is a major new version,…

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